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The Committee of the Friends of Beddington Park would love to welcome you to Beddington Park.

Your help is required. We have been working hard to improve our park - and yes we have been very successful.  But there
is still a lot of work to be done to keep the Beddington Park a place to enjoy by all.

Please support the Friends and let us know your feelings.

If you are looking to become involved with the Friends of Beddington Park or just offer your support and suggestions,
then please contact us.  See Contacts page for more information..

If you are not in a position to become fully involved but would like to be a 'helper' please let us know.
We take this opportunity to thank those 'Friends' & 'Helpers' who have helped make Beddington Park what it is today.

Any donations would be warmly welcomed.

See you soon.



The facilities in the park are the responsibility of Sutton’s Parks Department and activities in the park are governed by London Borough of Sutton Bye-laws for Parks and Open Spaces. The Parks Department can be contacted at
Email -

The most common questions we are asked relate to the barbecues, bouncy castles and fishing. The Parks Department have advised us that:

  • Barbecues, fires and cooking appliances of any kind are no longer permitted anywhere within Beddington park.
  • Bouncy Castles are not permitted.
  • The Bye-laws state that “No person shall in any waterway cast a net or line for the purpose of catching fish or other animals.”

Picnic Area in Beddington Park

The Friends and the Council together have provided a Picnic area for the use of the general public.  The facilities include seating.  Additional trees have also been planted with a donation from the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association, to give some shade for the area. The Picnic area is near the Café, the toilets, the children's playground, and the river. 

The Park receives thousands of visitors each year and the one facility it lacked is anywhere to sit and eat, other than the few seats dotted here and there. When the weather is good people sometimes bring small BBQ's with them, However, the use of any kind of BBQ, cooking appliance or fire is expressly forbidden in Beddington Park.

The Park benefits visitors from far and wide, and we are delighted that we have been able to provide them with an added picnic facilies to enjoy.

Join Us
Why don't you come and join us?

You can go to the Contacts page or contact the Friends Chairman or the Membership Secretary (TBD) for further information on

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Email -



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